Homeland Security Threat
and Incident Notification
Via Your Mobile Device

Do you know why officials within the Department of Defense, FEMA, DHS, local governments, private industry and many others use the AlertsUSA service for notification of breaking developments on the homeland and national security fronts? Simple. Our speed, accuracy and breadth of reporting is unparalleled.

Since 2001, AlertsUSA has helped individuals, corporations and government agencies monitor and protect against growing dangers in our world, regardless of their location, with flash notification of significant threats and dangerous developments sent direct to their mobile device 24-7-365. No fluff, no hype. Just the developments posing a serious threat to the United States and its citizens and interests abroad.

From terror alerts to tsunami warnings, from nuclear power plant emergencies to infectious disease outbreaks, AlertsUSA is the gold standard for up to the minute notification of homeland security alerts and threat information.

Who Uses This Service?

In addition to multitudes of average citizens across N. America, our customer base includes the following organizations:

Utah Transit Police

WV Emergency Services

City of Austin

City of Fort Collins

City of Fremont PD

City of St. Louise EMA

LA County Sheriff's Dept

Port Auth of NY and NJ

Ventura Harbor Patrol

Collier Co. EMA

Snohomish County

Harris Co. EMA

Joshua Basin Water Dist

General Services Admin

Military Sealift Command

California National Guard

Maryland JTTF

Maryland Dept of Health

NJ Dept of Health

Farmers Insurance

Bank of America

Bank of New York

Constellation Energy

Nationwide Insurance

Saudi Aramco


Nat'l Nuclear Security Admin

Defense Info Systems Admin

Defense Security Service

Dept of Defense

Dept of Justice

Dept of State

Dept of Homeland Security

Trans Security Admin

U.S. Air Force

U.S. Army

U.S. Navy

U.S. Coast Guard

Civil Air Patrol

Threat Areas Monitored Include

* Terror Alerts, Warnings and Advisories
* Terror Incident Notification
* Travel Alerts (Major Destinations)
* Mass Casualty Incidents (Nat'l Signif)
* Major Embassy Security Alerts
* U.S. Military Actions Abroad
* Nuclear Power Plant Emergencies
* Large-Scale Cyberattacks
* Major EQs + Tsunami Warnings
* Infectious Disease Outbreaks
* Major Border Security Incidents
* Changes in National Threat Posture
* Airport Security Posture
* Critical Infrastructure Disasters
* CBRN Threats and Incidents
* Hazardous Solar Events (flares, etc.)
* And Much More
There is no need to download an app.  Alert messages are sent direct to your mobile device as SMS (text) messages, as well as mirrored to your email along with supplementary information when available. You also receive a weekly audio National Situation Update and newsletter (also sent to your mobile device) providing expanded details and expert analysis on alerts sent during the preceding six days. In short, SMS alerts for immediate notification and a weekly roundup and analysis in audio and newsletter form each weekend to fill out the details.

With AlertsUSA you learn of threats and breaking events much faster than with the mainstream media, if they report on a subject at all. The time saved can be the difference between safety and disaster, being in the right or the wrong place, or how you respond.

Because messages are sent to your mobile device, you can be warned of dangerous developments 24/7/365, regardless of your location. You are assured of no hype, political influence or mundane filler material for the sake of pushing message traffic. If the world is quiet, you will not hear from us until the weekend update. We only report the bad stuff, and then, just the facts, allowing you to make important decisions without having to wade through clutter. And all alert messages are issued by an actual human being (this is NOT an automated service).

All Computers and Devices Supported

Service is available on literally any mobile device, on any network, anywhere in N. America and beyond. Standard email delivery is also included with every subscription, further extending your notification options. 

Real Customers, Real Feedback

"I depend on your product both professionally and as a day-to-day tool. It's the best on the unclassified market."

Tom A.
Washington, D.C.

"Great service, been using it for a few years, Very reliable, and prompt."

Ed B.

"This year, not only has the AlertsUSA system been invaluable to me in the magnification of my work responsibilities in the field of Security Coordination, and Implementation of Protective Measures for NASA, but has had a positive impact on efforts to make the war on terrorism a resounding success. I cannot imagine working a day without this invaluable service!"

Derace O.
Fmr. Chief Of Security, NASA Facility

"Your team is really on top of their game. I consistently learn of breaking developments from AlertsUSA well before any other source, if at all. Your resource supplementals in advance of and during the two recent hurricanes were excellent. I am certain you helped many people. Keep up the great work."

Tony C .

" I just want to say thanks for the GREAT work you all do. I have been an Amateur Radio Operator "HAM" for over 40 years and like to stay abreast of the latest Important breaking news that many effect people lives and safety, without hearing all the B.S. Your alert service serves my needs. They allow me inform my family and the local and national emergency Ham nets if needed. This could save lives and help keep people safe. You have a lifetime member to your Service!!! Thanks again."


"Your assistance is great, your company does a great service and I am a proud member of AlertsUSA and Threat Journal. The second number is my best friend who I would send important alerts to during the year. He is happy to now have your service and will continue it in the future."

Anthony N.
New Jersey

"I'm an RN. AlertsUSA keeps me up to the minute with the most pertinent developments in anything nuclear, biological, or chemical that may threaten health either immediately or down the road. Often, as with the emerging "bird flu" virus, I receive such advance notice I have time to include the information into the in-service training I give other nurses."

Susan Y.

"I have come to rely upon AlertsUSA for up to the minute information on breaking situations and pride myself in being one of the "first to know" when a crisis shows up. And it drives my friends crazy!"

Dr. John C.
The dangers you and your family face each day are increasing fast. It’s crucial that you stay informed. Well informed. Now is not the time to put your safety into the hands of the mainstream media. Become one of the insiders who really has a handle on breaking events by signing up today.


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