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AlertsUSA has been in the risk management business for more than two decades. The company was founded less than 90 days after the attacks of 9/11 by a group of defense and intelligence professionals who saw a glaring need for a fast, reliable, UNclassified alert service covering breaking developments posing a threat to the safety and security of the homeland, as well as our citizens and interests abroad. America had been attacked, the country was at war, and the public was hungry for more timely, accurate, threat information.

Since that founding, AlertsUSA subscribers have been among the first in the nation to learn of some of the most important national and international security incidents of the past two decades, including threats from al Qaeda and ISIS, countless bombings, mass shootings, attacks on aviation, holiday markets, parades, schools, churches, synagogues, nuclear power plant emergencies, natural disasters, public health threats, and more.

The AlertsUSA service is considered a gold standard and is in wide use by all levels of law enforcement, the armed forces, USGOV officials, frequent travelers and others.

AlertsUSA's specialization in monitoring global events and research abilities has resulted in the company providing data-mining services to elements of the USGOV during various national crises. 


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